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Finding my way has been an adventure, I have always enjoyed being outside, so it should not be a surprise, that most of my photos revolve around nature's beauties. 

I love a beautiful landscape with the trees and lakes, or a steep hillside, but I also value the urban landscape that surrounds us.  

I love the details in the smallest flowers in my pots or just outside to those wonderful parks and pastures, in the wheat growing or the fields yellow with canola flowers  It is all beauty to me.

And included within those beauties are the animals that live within those parks, hills, trees and pasture;  solo creatures or their interactions with other creatures or animals and their humans.

I am from Greenville, Kentucky, but currently live (and have lived here for over 20 years) just outside Louisville, Kentucky.  

Louisville is a wonderful place for me because it has all the elements I can appreciate through my lens, beautiful parks, wonderful bridges and old and new architecture and it seems, everyone has a pet to love!

I am happy to do events and some family portraits for you and your family pets, so please feel free to contact me at 502-802-8305 or email me at brownandblue@icloud.com for special requests.

My photographs are available to purchase in prints, canvas or even on wood, please contact me if you have questions.

And thank you for your patience while my website is a work in progress,